Customer centric companies gained 43% in performance compared to a 33.9% decrease for companies who have neglected customer experience - Forrester’s Customer Index

Digital customer communication has been elevated as a core component to assist enterprises in delivering a better customer experience

What is customer experience?

Customer experience is the cumulative impact of multiple interactions between a brand and its customers across all touchpoints. In the past, the bulk of client communication was limited to print. However, in the last decade with the increasing penetration of the internet, digital communication has proven to be one of the most significant components of delivering a good customer experience.

Today more than 65% of customers prefer digital & email channels for communication and expect seamless, consistent, personalized messaging across channels, devices, and formats at a click of the button. Multi-channel digital marketing (email, web, mobile) delivery and presentation of correspondence now factor into consumer buying choices in industries such as insurance, financial services, healthcare, retail, travel, etc. A positive customer experience not only results in making your customer happy, but it can also lead to additional revenue. Trejhara’s Interact DX enables self-service on all communications with easy information search, instead of calling enterprise call centers or wait in long queues at the branches.

Intuitive tools; Easy to use GUI

An easy-to-use and customizable toolset enables business users to design
and deliver a wide range of beautiful customer communications to their customers through:

Web based GUI for all functions, from design to administrations to delivery

Rule based query builder for customer segmentation

Easily customizable templates

Quality control through multiple check points including maker-checker feature

Notification tool

Rich media integration with audio video

Web and mobile complaint interactive view

Real time integration of payment, account summary and customer care with online account

Why choose Interact DX?

Personalization and channel preference:
Interact DX enables organizations to create highly personalized, relevant communications across all channels.

Dynamic visualization capabilities facilitate real-time mobile and web experiences that enable customers to engage with content using interactive charts, graphs, and sliders.

Centralization enables a better customer experience since designs are created in a channel-agnostic manner and delivered via a channel of choice. Consistent messaging, just like consistent experiences, builds trust. Trust build customer loyalty.

A centralized customer communication management (CCM) platform enables you to get the right messages to your customers, faster. Additionally, it makes creating a seamless onboarding experience easy with pre-populated digital forms, electronic signature capabilities, and more.

Whom do we serve?

Our Customer Communication Management product suite provides a comprehensive, interactive, personalized communication experience including personalized audio-video communication across multiple domains.

Interact DX provides all types of customer communication as well as interactive marketing communication to assist organizations to improve on customer engagement. Communications such as bills, statements, targeted advertisements, policy kits, welcome kits, receipts, loyalty/rewards, advisory/notification alerts, reminders, audio-visual messages, etc. are delivered through this platform across multiple channels i.e. whatsapp, social media, email, web, mobile, print, kiosk, etc.

Redefine Customer Experience

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