SCMProFit for Freight Forwarding

Enabling a Responsive Supply Chain Ecosystem Simplify, Integrate and Streamline Logistics operations

SCMProFit is a supply chain visibility solution that provides a platform for connecting key entities in supply chain. SCMProFit for Corporates not only improves the supply chain visibility, it also helps you set up control points that have a direct impact on efficiency.

Proactive tools for managing by exception help in monitoring supply chain. Various tools available help in analyzing supply chain across various dimensions giving corporates an insight into the supply chain.

The big advantage here is that not only are no extra systems needed, but your hardware and software demands are significantly reduced. SCMProFit helps you leverage the corporate/manufacturer latest technology innovations without added costs of perpetual license fees, additional servers, dedicated staff or third-party consultants to implement and administer complex enterprise applications. The responsibility and expense of running software applications is taken off your shoulders and you are free to concentrate on your business.

SCMProFit for Logistic Service Providers (LSPs)

SCMProFit enables end-to-end visibility of the supply chain and provides a platform for supply chain execution. The seamless integration with customs and carriers further helps in improving efficiency of the supply chain. lt takes care of all the core areas of operations like

  • Ocean freight management
  • Air freight management
  • Road transportation
  • Ocean freight management
  • Air freight management
  • Road transportation

SCMProFit also seamlessly integrates the financial dimension of supply chain to provide LSPs a profitability analysis of operations. It provides tools to LSPs, which they can offer as value-added services to their end customers, thereby enhancing visibility and control of the supply chain. SCMProFit provides a single window for tracking visibility of

  • Purchase Orders
  • Sales Orders
  • Inventory positions
  • In-transit visibility
  • Delivery status

It also provides a platform for collaborating with all the service providers and suppliers across multiple locations. Control points provided by SCMProFit enable you to keep a finger on the pulse of your supply chain, ensuring proactive alerts, timely escalation of issues, and an improvement of service delivery

SCMProFit Solution Footprint

Cloud Computing & The Power of SaaS

Software as a Service (SaaS) cloud model is the answer to corporate entities looking for newer, more cost-effective ways to run their business. In this model, the vendor supplies the hardware infrastructure, technology, and software. The user simply has to load a single application (SCMProFit), which would provide an interface that allows users to log into a web-based service which in turn, hosts all the programs the user needs. The cloud network takes care of the rest. Cloud computing is massively scalable, provides a superior user experience, and is characterized by new internet-driven economics

SCMProFit is available as a modular, integrated plug-and-play system on SaaS (Cloud Business Model) or license model. All you need is the interface software, which allows authorized employees to log onto a web-based service which hosts the programs you need to run your entire supply chain.

  License Model Saas Model
Lowersetup cost  
Lower running cost  
No upgrade or additional license cost  
Back up server maintenance and  
recovery cost built- In  
No upgrade or additional license cost  
Shorter eployment time Months

Case Studies

A leading industrial supply chain solutions provider leverages Trejhara’s SCMProFit to improve visibility, enhance SLAs, and delight customers with e-booking protal

Leading logistics firm streamlines operations and delivers superior customer experience with Trejhara’s SCMProFit

SCMProFit streamlines order management, warehouse and freight operations for a leading Logistics provider

A leading global logistics service provider streamlines end to end freight and warehouse operations to enhance customer service and enterprise-wide visibility

SCMProFit improves business delivery and accuracy for an established Pharma Logistics provider

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