SCMProFit for Manufacturing


For brand owners in the current competitive scenario, supply chain visibility is proving to be a major challenge. To possess the right product of the right quality at the right price, it is no longer sufficient. What differentiates brands from another is the possession of the right quantity of a product at the right time.

In today's flat world, outsourcing is a reality and we see a number of brands outsourcing their manufacturing to various suppliers. To have the ability to reap the benefits of outsourcing yet have complete control over the supply chain is a challenge. The current state of visibility of orders, shipments and stocks - both in transit, across locations and the proactive controls in the supply chain - has a lot to be desired.

Most brand owners have invested in an ERP solution to take care of corporate functions such as Finance, Human Resources, and Procurement, however most of these solutions fall short when it comes to supply chain visibility and control.

Challenges :

  • How do I know about stock availability at various locations and commit to customers?
  • How do I verify the invoices that have been raised by service providers? Are all these cost invoices for this order or am I missing something?
  • Is the supplier ready with the products?
  • Will they ship them on time?
  • How can I build reliability into the supply chain, both on the sourcing and on the distribution side? Can I have proactive alerts?
  • How do I plan to handle materials without visibility of orders?
  • Has the product shipped by the Logistics Service Provider reached the shipper? How many more days will it take for the shipments to reach?

SCMProFit's supply chain visibility, provides a platform to connect key entities in the supply chain.

It improves supply chain visibility and helps set up control points thus having a direct impact on efficiency and service levels.

Key Features:

  • Complete end-to-end visibility window of supply chain
  • Visibility dashboard for managing LSP, vendors, and suppliers
  • Drill down view visibility across different dimensions
  • Global inventory visibility across different stocking points
  • In transit inventory visibility
  • Proactive alerts and exceptions
  • Easy to integrate with ERP system

Key Benefits:

  • Improved visibility and control of the supply chain
  • Increased supply chain efficiency and service levels
  • Unlocking of working capital by transforming into a lean supply chain
  • Help to monitor KPls of suppliers and service providers
  • Monitor and reduce the cost components across the supply chain
  • Improve reliability of the supply chain performance

Case Studies

A leading industrial supply chain solutions provider leverages Trejhara’s SCMProFit to improve visibility, enhance SLAs, and delight customers with e-booking protal

Leading logistics firm streamlines operations and delivers superior customer experience with Trejhara’s SCMProFit

SCMProFit streamlines order management, warehouse and freight operations for a leading Logistics provider

A leading global logistics service provider streamlines end to end freight and warehouse operations to enhance customer service and enterprise-wide visibility

SCMProFit improves business delivery and accuracy for an established Pharma Logistics provider

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