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Supply Chain & Logistics Solutions

Largely companies are thriving to implement best practices in managing the flow of funds through supply chain, and at the same time, have to focus on reducing their capital expenditure and optimizing their activities associated with the financial supply chain management.

Trejhara’s SCMProFit allows you to streamline and enhance your logistics operations by improving efficiency and optimizing working capital. Take control of your supply chain by streamlining and enhancing your logistics operations and gain an unfair edge over competitors.


Trejhara’s SCMProFit product suite, with its integrated dimensions of supply chain visibility,
control, collaboration and execution delivers a simple solution to optimize efficiencies
and create a seamless supply chain.


Control the movement and storage of materials more efficiently

Trejhara’s Solution for Warehousing is a fully featured Warehouse Management System (WMS) to help both integrated logistics service providers and independent warehouse operators control the movement and storage of materials. The product can be installed as a standalone system or as an integrated module of the SCMProFit suite. A diverse set of functionality is offered to cover both straightforward as well as specialized warehouse needs, covering all processes associated with picking, replenishment, and put away.

Key Points

  • Receiving inbound transactions
  • Put away/flow-through
  • Inventory management
  • Cycle count
  • Internal transfers
  • Changing goods’ status
  • Pick up for outbound loading and shipping
  • Statistical and management reporting
  • Quotation and billing
  • Customer tracking for visibility
  • Advanced search

Freight Forwarding

A multi-modal solution that caters to Sea, Air, and Land-based shipments

Trejhara Solutions for Freight Forwarding covers end-to-end operations for forwarders, including booking, freight operations, documentation, and final billing of end customers. The platform has been designed for all modes of shipments including Sea, Air, and Land. The integrated contract and billing modules help capture buy and sell rates included in the managed contracts, which facilitates auto calculation of both the revenue as well as the cost for shipments.

Key Points

  • Inter office transfers
  • Direct and house shipment creation
  • Consolidation and deconsolidation
  • Definition of multiple, multi-modal legs
  • Manual configuration of the volumetric factor
  • Capture of prepaid and collect charges
  • End-to-end freight visibility
  • Email alerts based on tracking dates
  • Freight documentation for all modes of shipment
  • eDoc for auto emailing of documents
  • Integration with billing and finance
  • Tracking of milestones at shipment, equipment, and package levels

Project Logistics

A simple solution to ensure on time delivery of project equipment and timely supply of spare parts.

Trejhara's Project Logistics solutions ensures that all project equipments are available when needed, regardless of the inevitable transportation challenges across different geographies, using different modes of transport, and into areas where infrastructure is less developed. The reliable project logistics execution software ensures zero impact of delays or overruns due to equipment availability.

Key Points

  • Procurement planning
  • Issuing of purchase orders
  • Planning of equipment movement
  • Supplier expediting
  • Supplier coordination for inspection or quality certificates
  • End-to-end tracking of project movement
  • Capture of all services and costs
  • Advanced reporting tools

SCM for Manufacturing

A comprehensive set of tools to enable complete control over their supply chain.

In the manufacturing segment, suppliers face challenges in maintaining visibility and control across numerous outsourced processes. Where traditional ERP solutions do not provide specific supply chain administrative capabilities, Trejhara solution aims to provide the current state of visibility of orders, shipments, and inventory stock across locations. Trejhara’s Logistics Solution includes indispensable tools such as proactive alerts with exception cases, robust dashboard reporting capabilities to name a few.

Key Points

  • Complete end-to-end supply chain visibility
  • Visibility dashboards for managing LSP, vendors, and suppliers
  • Drill down view visibility across different dimensions
  • Global inventory visibility across different stocking points
  • In transit inventory visibility
  • Proactive alerts and exceptions
  • Straightforward integration with ERP systems

SCM for Distribution

A single window of visibility of inventory to enable optimal stock levels and maximizing operational efficiencies

Trejhara’s Logistics solution for distributors help to maximize efficiency across warehousing and distribution operations. This product suite has the ability to manage stock across all branches, distribution warehouses, and stocking points for multiple suppliers and brand owners. In addition to optimizing warehouse operations, the robust toolset enables distributors to efficiently deliver stock in order to maintain optimal levels and maximize operational efficiencies.

Key Points

  • Multi-location operations support
  • A plug and play, modular platform
  • Functionality to manage orders, warehousing, and distribution
  • A single window of visibility over fulfillment
  • Alerts and exceptions to proactively respond to exception cases
  • Ability to manage rates and finance

Case Studies

A leading industrial supply chain solutions provider leverages Trejhara’s SCMProFit to improve visibility, enhance SLAs, and delight customers with e-booking protal

Leading logistics firm streamlines operations and delivers superior customer experience with Trejhara’s SCMProFit

SCMProFit streamlines order management, warehouse and freight operations for a leading Logistics provider

A leading global logistics service provider streamlines end to end freight and warehouse operations to enhance customer service and enterprise-wide visibility

SCMProFit improves business delivery and accuracy for an established Pharma Logistics provider

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